Should You Upgrade Your HVAC to a Smart Thermostat on a WiFi Mesh System?

Would your property benefit from lowered energy costs? The answer is likely “yes”.

Energy efficiency standards are getting higher and higher, and older thermostats are often unable to live up to these. Old thermostats use mercury, aren’t very accurate and have few customizable options. Digital thermostats allow adjustments in temperature according to pre-programmable schedules, but aren’t very flexible and can be difficult to use. Neither has the flexibility, reliability or ease of use of a smart thermostat on a wifi mesh system.

Smart thermostats on a wifi mesh system better comply with energy standards as well as providing multi-site remote monitoring, control, and usage analysis.

First, What is a WiFi Mesh System? 

A WiFi mesh system is a simple way to make the signal of your wifi stronger throughout your property and more reliable for connected tech. Because it’s nodular, you can keep adding nodes to the setup, making it easily scalable to the size and needs of your property. The nodes all communicate with each other, meaning the farthest out node doesn’t have to reach a single router, as the signal hops between all the nodes. In short – instead of one router, you have many nodes and an equally strong signal throughout.

With this system, you can connect and remotely control all the thermostat settings with an easy-to-use app.

Greater Temperature Control With Remote Access & Zoning

With a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature from any location. Having a preprogrammed schedule for temperature settings certainly helps when business or tenant hours remain constant, but these basic programming options on most digital thermostats often don’t account for things such as holidays or vacant units. To be able to remotely adjust all of this can save a lot of time and money. You also have access to zoning, which allows you to set specific temperatures for certain parts of your facility or property. 

Easier Maintenance & Better Air Quality 

Your thermostat’s performance and efficiency can be affected by poor placement, dirt and grime buildup, and bad electrical connections. However, new smart thermostats are more accurate and last longer without needing as much maintenance.  Some smart thermostats also alert you when the filter needs to be changed or when maintenance needs to be scheduled. 

Combined with a wifi mesh system, smart thermostats give you greatly reduced energy use and cost, easier control of thermostats across a whole site, and less maintenance once it’s all set-up.

Does your HVAC thermostat system need an upgrade? 

TWS Facility Services provides general maintenance technicians who can professionally inspect your current system and see if improvements can be made. We offer our general maintenance service as an as-needed add-on to your regularly scheduled maintenance service.

Not a TWS client yet? Find out why our client retention rate is amazingly high! Give us a call and ask about a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plan that is adapted to your property’s specific needs: 888-883-1915

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