Our TWS Facility

Facility Services

TWS Facility Services offers janitorial services for the commercial cleaning of properties. We maintain the interior of suites, common areas, and restrooms with the same quality service as our outdoor maintenance. With excellent supervision, training, and communication, we are the most reliable and adaptable facility services company out there. Our experienced team handles all types of properties: retail, residential, business buildings, and more.


TWS janitors are highly trained and will keep your inside common areas safe with proper disinfection. Our team always follows OSHA and EPA guidelines because we know quality service doesn’t cut corners. TWS puts safety first for our team members, clients, and anyone using a facility that we service.

Commercial Janitorial Services We Provide:

Like our day porters, our janitors will act as the eyes and ears for your property. They will spot things like needed repairs or unusual activity. They communicate constantly with our property coordinators. This allows you to know what is happening at your facility, no matter where you are. Our team is also available 24/7 for emergencies. We handle emergency clean-ups and repairs quickly and smoothly. Learn more about our janitorial services.

Has a vacant suite been left a mess? The TWS team can quickly make it spotless for a new tenant, helping to shorten vacancy time. Need to rearrange a space as your property’s needs change? We are here to help! Want a team with your property’s branding? TWS offers the option for custom uniforms so that our team is seamless with yours. We are truly a facility services company that is committed to meeting your needs with our trademark adaptability.