Watch this brief video about our exciting new partnership with REPORTRACK, a cloud-based service reporting and work order system. With REPORTRACK, all facility services are verified using a unique system of strategically placed barcodes and GPS tracking.

Online Service Reporting & Work Order System

TWS Facility Services offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based, service reporting and work order system. This system is like nothing else because it guarantees your service, increases efficiency, and leads to higher levels of productivity. It gives clients a simple way to schedule and review reoccurring maintenance tasks and specific work orders. Clients can securely view pending service requests and get instant notification of changes. All work is reported and verified with GPS tracking and allows for easy video and photo uploading and viewing.

Just some of the benefits of this system:

  • Make facility service requests online
  • Schedule preventive maintenance work orders
  • Receive service alerts and emergency notifications
  • Rapid setup and deployment
  • Easy to use - no training required
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Tablet and smart phone ready
  • All services reported and verified by GPS tracking

How Our Reporting & Work Order System Works

  • Property maintenance needs are reported online by on-site team members.
  • We notify Property Managers according to their preference (email or text message), and then they can automatically log-in to review the details.
  • Property Managers dispatch work order requests to their TWS Property Coordinator online.
  • TWS Property Coordinators respond by creating service schedules and supervising team members to accomplish tasks. Once the work is completed and approved, they submit notification and any photos or videos online.
  • Every move on the property is GPS verified!

Field Technology for Innovative Facility Services

TWS offers advanced field technology to give you updates about your property. This is more than a work order system - but also a tracking and reporting system!

Clients receive an online account, where they can log-in to:

  • View the service dates and times - all verified by GPS tracking!
  • Review notes of the property
  • Review photos and videos of the property
  • Easily access updates from their desktop or mobile device

Our service technicians use an app on a mobile phone to:

  • Scan barcodes (bar codes are strategically placed on the property)
  • Take and upload photos
  • Film and upload videos
  • Have all services verified by GPS tracking

Clients learn the exact service that occurred and the specific property areas that received service, and they can see photos and videos of any problems on the property. All of this is verified by GPS to prove where and when it was done. Clients also receive email notifications for any important information about the service or property.

Ask us how you can use this system for your facility services! Contact our team by email or call us at 888-883-1915 for a brief, no-obligation chat in order to learn more.