What makes a commercial cleaning company successful?

TWS Facility Services is proud to be a positive contributor to every community we touch. When we do our job well, then everyone wins, and so we take pride in our commitment to servicing our clients’ properties above and beyond the typical service. How do we accomplish this?

TWS has been incredibly successful at providing commercial maintenance and cleaning services because we know how to manage our team to deliver results. Our client retention rate is unusually high (estimated at over 95%) and we are expanding quickly throughout the Western USA, both of which demonstrate how well our model works.

Good management skills mean cultivating one-on-one relationships between managers and team members. TWS has a unique system utilizing Property Coordinators. Their role is to oversee on-site team members and communicate with clients. They are directly involved in hand-picking team members to service client properties. They manage regular service schedules, special services, and emergency situations. Property Coordinators have the difficult conversations sometimes needed to accomplish a goal, that way clients don’t have to.

See what it is like to work with a Property Coordinator by watching this brief video.

TWS also has onsite supervision, provided by regional supervisors who regularly check-in with service technicians to make sure everything is running smoothly and to provide additional training, as well as being another set of eyes/ears on your property.

This network of clear communication keeps team members working in line with a common vision, which reduces the need of micro-management that can waste time, energy and resources.

[su_box title=”How can you improve your work conversations?” style=”soft” box_color=”#0071BB”]
  • Listen as much, if not more, than you talk. Repeat back to people what you think you heard in your own words, in order to verify you got it right. Keep your ears open for new ideas and input that aligns with the overall vision.
  • Set objectives for the conversation from the get-go. Immediately identify the topic, so that someone’s brain is ready to assemble the details that may follow.
  • Cultivate respect within your team, which may include openness about certain weaknesses (hopefully with an eye to improving!). Vulnerability helps build trust and understanding.
  • Show gratitude and give encouragement, especially for new ideas or taking the initiative. This may produce far more positive results than harping on people for mistakes, although those will probably need to be addressed too.

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