Value of Service – Is Cheaper Really Better?

It may seem that cheaper service offers the best value, but are you really getting the best service for the money?

Lower bids for property maintenance are sometimes leaving out good practices in order to offer a cheap price, and these practices can be key elements to consistent, quality service.

One of these key practices is supervision.

At TWS, we not only have Property Coordinators available 24/7 to deal personally with you in managing the maintenance of your property, but we have trained team members onsite acting as your eyes and ears.

Does your service provider include this kind of supervision?
The lowest bidders may not, and cutting corners like this can be costing you in the long run.

In addition to the actual commercial cleaning services such as parking lot sweeping, janitorial, or power washing, how much time is being allotted for your service provider to be thorough on the details? Is cutting time for services cheaper in the long-run?

Of course, every property manager has to consider their budget, but it is wise to also consider the long-term effects of service on the success of a property. Well-kept retail properties are proven to draw more customers, especially repeat customers, and as a result, they maintain higher-quality tenants as well. Well-kept residential properties will also attract and maintain higher-quality tenants.

What role does your service provider play in this upkeep? Obviously, they must maintain the property, but they also will be working with your budget. There is that old saying, “you get what you pay for”, because quality often has a higher price tag, yet many of us are still looking for a deal too. How can you determine what is worth paying for?


One way is to inquire why a bid is higher/lower than others, so as to determine if there really is an addition or loss of service, and whether or not it is needed for your property.

TWS Facility Services is here listen to and learn about your specific needs. We are ready to advise you on what kind of service will help your property to prosper, instead of just getting by. We have decades of experience in maintaining the outdoor areas of retail, business, and residential properties, and we know what it takes to make a property clean, functional and pleasant, and then keep it that way. Our client retention rate is over 95% – that speaks for itself!

For example – once we learn the size of your property, the traffic it currently draws, and the local terrain, then we can determine just how often sweeping services are needed, how many hours you will need a day porter to keep trash picked up, how much onsite presence is needed to deter homeless from moving onto the property, etc. Our onsite supervision means we frequently can check in with you about the special needs of your property and what we can do to prevent or be prepared for potential emergencies (ie. Are there lots of homeless in the area? Does seasonal weather tend to cause emergencies?).

In addition to supervision, two other key areas are communication and reliability. Click to watch this brief 3-minute video to get an overview of who we are and what we offer for properties.

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