TWS Team Superstars for March 2021 – A Facility Service Team That is All-In!

Each of these team members has shown they meet the TWS company values of giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”.

TWS Team Superstars for March

James Brady

According to Aaron, our HOA Division Manager, “James is an integral part of our HOA Maintenance Department”. He comes from a construction background and excels at delivering a high-quality level of customer service and care.

Through hard work and loyal dedication to our clients, our “Front-Line” workers such as James make TWS and our HOA communities shine. These qualities, matched with an eye for detail and a strong desire to serve, also make our TWS Team stand out from the competition. We’re proud to work alongside these team members. Thanks, James!

Ruggero Lavecchia  

“Ruggero is a great team member, ” says PC Erica. “He is always on time, is very respectful, and has a great attitude”. Erica also notes, “Not only is he great to work with, but he has an immaculate store! The management at his property is very happy to have him on site due to his great cleaning skills. We appreciate his hard work.” Yes, we do. Thanks, Ruggero for being a shining example of a TWS team member.

Mariana Hernandez

Mariana is an employee who cares very much for her property. She keeps TWS updated with photos and messages as well as performing consistent service at her property.  Our onsite crew reports that she is “always smiling and eager and willing to help whenever needed”.  Mariana truly is the eyes and ears on her property, and we know we can always count on her.  According to PC Veronica, “A word to best describe Mariana would be ‘dependable’.”  Without a doubt, Mariana is a valued team member!


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