TWS Team Superstars for January 2022 – A Facility Services Team You Can Rely On

TWS values giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”. Each of these team members embodies these values, and each is a great example of the quality of service we provide.

TWS Team Superstars for September

Julia Mata 

Julia Mata was chosen as a team superstar for her outstanding work, attitude, and assistance. Property coordinator Sonia says, “Julia has demonstrated to be a hard worker, responsible, and reliable employee, she has been with the company four years and she has never fail to do her job. Her and her husband help out to maintain the property the proper way.”

Lea Lopez

Lea Lopez is a team superstar because she has proven to be a great asset to TWS. Property Coordinator Erica says, “Lea is a valuable employee who is always ready to give a helping hand. She makes sure to communicate with me if there is any issue or any reports from the store. She makes herself available with any extra shifts and is always a pleasure to talk to. Manager is happy with her performance and they appreciate her hard work.” Wow! Thanks Lea – we’re super proud to call you a TWS member!

Jose Sandoval

Jose is a team superstar because he embodies our values. Property Coordinator Erica says, Jose is a very professional employee he is always willing and ready to assist. He has gone above and beyond in the last few months assisting in other locations regardless of the time or the distance. We really value his initiative to help the company and being a great team member. He is pleasant to work with and very easy to communicate with.”

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