TWS Team Superstars for February 2021 – Company Values in Action

Each of these team members have shown they meet the TWS company values of giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”.

This Month’s TWS Team Superstars:

Manuel Valadez

According to Manuel’s PC, “Manuel has been an employee of TWS since 2016 and to say this is deserved is an understatement. He is all-in and is willing to assist wherever assistance is needed; he fixes any issues without question. He has worked with numerous PCs and Field Supervisors throughout the years and we all have so much appreciation for him. We are very grateful to have such a strong team member.” Thanks for your dedication Manuel!

Carlos Perez

PC Veronica says, “Carlos is the classiest and most honorable team member. He is always willing to help, always has a positive, can-do attitude, and is always available to assist the team with any need or request. He keeps his area clean and well organized and the property properly maintained.  I am always delighted to reach out to him, as I am welcomed with his charismatic and contagious joy and laughter. Another great asset to our TWS Team!” Thanks for your positive attitude Carlos!

Laura Soto

Laura is another “superstar” because she is a “good employee, very reliable and never complains about her work”. According to PC Sonia, “The manager at the store is happy with her performance. Laura keeps the property very nice and clean; she goes out her way to keep it at the standards requested by the manager.” Thanks Laura for living up to TWS’ high standards of service!


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