TWS Team Superstars for August 2021 – Our Day Porters Get Rave Reviews for Our Facility Services

TWS values giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”. Each of these team members embodies these values, and each is a great example of the quality of service we provide.

TWS Team Superstars for August

Dixon Murillo

PC Emmanuel says, “To put it briefly, Dixon Murillo is extraordinary. There is nothing but praise from the client’s management team. He is always putting 110% effort into his work and is always a step ahead.” Although Dixon travels to multiple locations a day, it has not deterred him from giving his all. His excellent communication is a big part of his success; he is always updating his PC on what’s going on at the properties. Emmanuel adds, “He never misses a beat! If I was given the choice of one person to keep on my team forever, it would be Dixon.” Dixon is all in, extremely reliable, and willing to go the extra mile to keep the clients happy. Thanks, Dixon!

Miguel Medina

Miguel is a team superstar because he has proven to be a great asset to TWS. PC Sonia says he has helped to train the new hires and handle the onboarding when needed. Miguel has been such an exemplary team member, that the property manager sent TWS a letter expressing how much they value him. The client praises Miguel, saying, “I depend on porters to be my eyes and ears around the center, and Miguel continues to impress me with his professionalism and work ethic. He is a hard worker, dependable, thoughtful, and attentive to his duties as well as anticipating the needs of our tenants. Miguel meets and exceeds my expectations almost daily.” Wow! Thanks, Miguel – we’re super proud to call you a TWS team member.

Braulio Perez

Braulio is a team superstar because he embodies our values. H displays an “all-in” attitude and willingness to go above and beyond expectations. PC Paulina says, “Braulio is always willing to help wherever needed and has even been complimented by his fellow workers.” Great job, Braulio!

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