TWS Team Superstars for April 2022 – A Facility Services Team You Can Rely On

TWS values giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”. Each of these team members embodies these values, and each is a great example of the quality of service we provide.

TWS Team Superstars for April 

Matthew Languirand

When it comes to setting the ideal standard for a TWS employee, Matthew Languirand  is exemplary. We can always count on him to get the job done. He goes above and beyond what is required of him, and his work ethic is simply unmatched. Property Coordinator Diana Flores says, “I recently acquired the Windsor Communities, but even before they were mine, I kept hearing wonderful comments about the full-time porter Matthew Languirand. From the moment I first interacted with him, I acknowledged the respect and kindness in his demeanor. Every time I need his assistance, he responds quickly and professionally. His co-porter raves about how much of a gentleman Matthew is towards her and everyone at the property. She’s reported that he does his job better than anyone she’s ever worked with. Our field supervisors also agree that he does an excellent job, and the service manager says Matthew makes up one half of the property’s dream team. I never have any negative situations when it comes to Matthew because he is on top of his game.  He is a wonderful and integral part of my team, and I’m thankful for Matthew’s amazing work ethic.”

Rudy Curuchic

Rudy is a team superstar because he has proven to be a great asset to TWS. Property Coordinator Rudy Curuchic says, “Rudy is a great team player, he exceeded our expectations by completing work ahead of time. He is a great problem solver. Rudy is always smiling and very helpful to those around him. I constantly get calls from the property manager saying thank you and how much she appreciates him.”

Luis Miran

Luis is a team superstar because he embodies our values. Property Coordinator Monique Rios says, “Luis is a great team player and leader he has been with us for a couple of years, he keeps his property looking great! We appreciate Luis hard work and value him as a team member. He is enthusiastic and self-motivated.”

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