TWS Team Superstars for April 2021 – Consistent and Dependable Day Porters and Janitors

Each of these team members has shown they meet the TWS company values of giving excellent customer service, being reliable, and being “all-in”.

TWS Team Superstars for April

Farryl Hutchinson

According to our property coordinators, Farryl is an excellent porter with a can-do attitude at all times. He is always easy to reach, eager to report any issues he finds on the property, and proud to be the solution for them.  Every day, rain or shine, he is on the clock; he uses his time wisely. Farryl is proud of his efforts which is evident in his work.  Trustworthy to the core and an all-around outstanding person, Farryl also has a happy-go-lucky personality that is highly contagious. He is hands down a prime example of our truly awesome employees. Thank you Farryl for all you do!!

Paula Maganda

Paula is definitely a person who we consider to be “all in”. TWS knows we can depend on her to get the job done. Although going to multiple properties may be demanding for some, Paula takes it in stride as she delivers top-quality service wherever she goes. Her work ethic is impeccable, and she sets the standard for how someone should approach their job. Paula is a valuable team member who is a wonderful representation of the core values that TWS holds. She is all-in and beyond reliable. Thanks, Paula!

Arian Covarrubias

Arian was chosen as a team superstar because he shows great attention to detail and consistency in his duties. These are indispensable qualities for our janitors! The store he services actually awarded him with a raincoat for rainy days because he does such a great job. Arian never misses work, is a hard worker, and gets great client feedback for his day porter services. Great job, Arian!


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