TWS – Staying Ahead of the Curve in Facility Services

How is TWS Facility Services offering the most innovative solutions in the industry? If you’re a property manager, this is a dream come true – read on!

In just a few years, TWS Facility Services has expanded from serving the western USA to serving the WHOLE continental USA. We’ve done this so seamlessly and swiftly that not everyone is aware that we are now a nationwide company.

Our fast growth is due to our mission to innovate and adapt in order to meet client’s ever-changing needs. However, we also take pride in maintaining a work ethic that is trustworthy and consistent. It’s this unique combination that has led to adopting our most recent innovation – REPORTRACK. We also have offices located throughout the USA, an ever-growing roster of properties we service, and an increased presence in industry events.

TWS Facility Services attended this year’s ICSC RECon in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a part of meeting our mission to always stay in touch with our client needs. We had a great time meeting a lot of people in the retail industry, learning about their specific concerns for their properties, and deepening our understanding of the general trends in retail. Most significantly, we brought awareness to an innovative solution to an old problem that wasted time and money – what solution is that? A tracking, reporting and work order system that provides proof that a job is done. It’s so elegantly simple, it seems like it should have existed all along, but at least two key features are really going to wow you.

If you haven’t seen our brief video presentation giving an overview of REPORTRACK’s features, then check it out here.

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Thanks for catching up with us, and as always, feel free to contact us with your comments, questions, and requests. We’re always here to listen to property managers so we can keep providing the best facility service available. Call our team at 888-883-1915 or send us an email here.

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