The Signs of Success: Use Signage to Your Property’s Advantage

Visually appealing signage can define shopping centers, businesses, and residential complexes to help them stand apart from their competition and draw in tenants or patrons. What factors should you keep in mind for your property’s signage?

Signage is often the first exposure someone has to your property and what it offers. It has a major impact on a property’s aesthetic appeal and traffic. This makes it a great tool for creating positive first impressions. 

The best signage meets city regulations and effectively communicates with potential shoppers, tenants or clients.

What Are Some Considerations to Keep in Mind When Creating or Updating Signage for Your Property?

  • Prominent tenant signage on the building facade is vital because it helps drivers see what is located there. Large centers, or those with obstructed visibility from the street, may have special challenges getting their tenants seen. 
  • If located off a highway or busy road, a property may use a pylon sign to attract attention. These are the really tall signs that often surpass the building’s height. Banners on the back of buildings can work here too.
  • Conveying the property’s name and its major retailers, businesses or purpose is a must. When you have dozens of tenants, list only key anchors on a pylon sign.
  • For non-retail properties or smaller properties off streets with slower speeds, monument signs may make the best impression. These are much shorter signs that may better suit the style of a neighborhood and the business itself. The feel of the sign says a lot about your property, so bigger and splashier isn’t always better.
  • Non-rectangular signage shapes attract the eye more quickly than the more traditional square or rectangle.
  • Bright colors on strongly contrasting backgrounds enhance both appeal and legibility.
  • Signage usually needs to work both during daylight hours and at night, so some kind of lighting will be needed, whether the sign itself lights up or is illuminated by other lights.
  • Signage isn’t just for advertising. Consider how other signage, such as wayfinding and parking signs, fit into your overall image and goals for your property.

The Three Ls of Signage Visibility:

  • Landscaping: Are trees or plants blocking some of your signage? Could trees and plants be used to enhance your signage?
  • Lighting: Have any lights gone out on a sign? Are signs visible in the evening and at night? Is lighting timed correctly?
  • Location: Is large signage visible from the street? Is smaller signage placed so it’s easily directing and informing foot traffic? Are suites and units identified correctly? Can people easily find what floor a business or community area is located on? Etc.

How Can Your Facility Service Company Help?

When you choose a single facility service company that offers comprehensive maintenance and cleaning plans, you have a united team that understands your concerns and how every area of facility service impacts it, from changing light bulbs to trimming trees.

TWS Facility Services is always looking for ways to help our clients achieve their goals, so our team members act as the eyes and ears on your property, alerting you to any potential issue that could impact the success of your property.

Doesn’t this sound like a team that you need on your side? Contact TWS Facility Services to discuss maintenance and cleaning plans that will help your property achieve its goals: 888-883-1915

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