The Importance of Keeping Your Property Maintained During Covid-19

Business operations may be reduced and the nature of some businesses may be changing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but properties still need care and maintenance. TWS Facility Service is here to make this time easier for you and your property.

Why is Facility Service More Important Than Ever During Covid-19?

Keeping a maintained property discourages looting and loiterers. Both the presence of an on-site maintenance team and the condition of the property itself are effective measures to prevent damage to your property.

Right now is also a good time to take care of larger projects that would typically interfere with business, if your property’s traffic has slowed down.

However, many properties have at least a few essential businesses still in operation and some are even busier than normal. These need extra cleaning and disinfecting to keep them safe for workers, customers, and clients.

Offices and warehouses may have reduced staff but need to take extra precautions to prevent spreading the virus. Residential properties will have more people staying at home, and thus may see an increase in trash. Some hotels are converting into quarantine spaces, homeless shelters, even medical facilities, and they will need help with adjusting how they maintain and clean their property.

Whatever type of property you manage, you may need new signage to direct people to different entrances or to space out how close people sit and stand. More frequent disinfecting is needed at this time too.

Are You Unable to Visit Your Properties in Person Right Now?

TWS is currently offering “face time” live video reporting from your property. Our onsite team member will use a mobile phone to walk you through your property while you direct them from your remote location. And rest assured that we are keeping our on-site team members as safe as possible as they do their essential jobs. TWS adheres to the disinfecting guidelines from the CDC and follows OSHA PPE standards.

Click here to download our COVID-19 Guide, with information on the coronavirus, how to prevent transmission and proper disinfecting practices.

TWS Facility Services is here to support you in keeping your property in the right condition to meet these changing needs. We can adapt to you and help you brainstorm ways to navigate these unusual times.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at 888-883-1915 with any concerns, questions or special requests.

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