Spring Cleaning Time! Maintenance For Your Commercial or Residential Properties

Spring has arrived! Right now is a good time for touch-ups, repairs, and other extra maintenance to keep your commercial or residential property looking great, inside and out.

TWS Facility Services provides maintenance for properties across the United States, meaning we are equipped to address the seasonal needs of your property, no matter the climate or terrain. We also provide comprehensive facility services to commercial and residential properties, with custom teams to meet their unique needs. No matter the property type, here are some “Spring Cleaning” items to assess for maintenance as the weather changes.

Window Washing & Door Caulking

  • How often should window cleaning be done? Read this commercial window washing article.
  • Caulking on windows and doors can wear down during winter. Inspect these exterior openings and re-caulk where needed. Also, test for air leaks so your units stay insulated and A/C costs don’t go up.

Paint Touch-Ups

  • Fresh paint may be needed after the winter weather has worn down surfaces. Whether it is for building touch-ups or repainting curbs, TWS can give things a fresh coat to keep a property vibrant and functional.

Parking Lot Repairs

  • In addition to preventing accidents, parking lot repairs can enhance the visual appeal of your property. Remember that parking lots can be the first impression for potential tenants or customers.
  • Check out some repairs to consider here.

Outdoor Seating & Playground Area Maintenance

Outdoor sitting and play areas are more popular than ever, and they will become more so as the weather gets warmer.

  • Make sure you have plenty of seating that is safe, clean, and appealing. Regular cleaning with proper solutions, the right sealants, and storage during nighttime are all factors that keep these areas attractive to customers and tenants and still cost-effective. Having onsite day porters daily is a good plan for heavy traffic areas.
  • Prevent injuries with good playground maintenance. Assess any damage caused by weather, vandalism, and normal wear and tear.


  • Signage may have taken a beating from the winter weather, and now it may have to withstand intense heat or monsoons, depending on your region. What condition are your signs in?

Landscape & Irrigation

  • Make sure your irrigation system for green areas is working properly so that you can conserve water and cut costs. Have a professional inspect the system to catch any needed repairs.
  • Prepare for a rainy spring by making sure drainage systems will prevent flooding. Clean gutters from
  • Prevent damage to and from plants by trimming branches at risk for snapping off and stake down trees at risk for uprooting during strong winds.

HVAC Systems

TWS Facility Services is already trusted by countless properties throughout the USA for commercial cleaning and maintenance services because of our commitment to adaptability. This gives you the freedom to get what you need, including the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are handling it.

If we are already on your property and familiar with its needs and functions, then we are the best choice to handle one-time services in addition to your current package. We can also provide additional regular services at needed intervals. We are always ready to flex our services to help you meet your goals.

Not a TWS client yet? Email or call us to develop a service package to fit your property’s specific needs: 888-883-1915

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