Spotlight on Service: What Is A Day Porter?

TWS Facility Services offers Day Porter Services to all kinds of residential, commercial, and retail properties, providing industry-leading facility maintenance and beautification services. So what is a Day Porter anyhow?

Our Day Porters Are More Than Exterior Janitors

Day Porters are team members providing an extra set of eyes, ears, and manpower to address and report any maintenance conditions. This gives property managers peace of mind, knowing their grounds are in good hands and in optimal condition. Learn more about our other Facility Services here.

Just some of what our uniformed, trained Day Porters do:

  • Patrol of the parking lot, landscape, and common areas for trash and debris
  • Spot clean spills on sidewalks
  • Clean and clear entrances, exits, lobbies, and walkways
  • Wipe clean window ledges
  • Empty and replace trash bin liners
  • Remove fliers, stickers, and graffiti
  • Spot clean trash enclosures
  • Clean restrooms
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Report any vandalism, illegal dumping, graffiti, or safety issues immediately

Constant Communication Gives Property Managers Peace of Mind

Our Day Porters are in constant communication with our operations team. They immediately report any unusual conditions such as abandoned vehicles, broken irrigation lines, safety concerns, or needed maintenance projects. Additionally, our field supervisors check in regularly for inspections, training, to provide assistance with repairs, or just to offer encouragement.

We Manage Maintenance So You Don’t Have To

Here at TWS, we know our clients expect us to fix problems ASAP. Our success is based on our clients’ trust that we will respond quickly and find a solution to the problem. The goal of TWS is to MAXIMIZE the appearance of our clients’ properties and MINIMIZE the time our clients have to deal with property maintenance issues.

TWS looks forward to providing you with facility services that are not only reliable, quality, and modern, but that adapt specifically to your needs. Feel free to contact our team and ask what we can do for you: email or call 888-883-1915


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