Spotlight on Service: Window Cleaning

See the clear benefits of window cleaning service from TWS Facility Services.

TWS gives you the freedom to customize our service to your needs. This means we can handle just about any maintenance and cleaning service as a team committed to your success, so that you can reduce the hassle of dealing with many different vendors. A major need of most properties is window cleaning. The success of your property means clean, streak free windows or you risk turning off good tenants and returning customers. Learn more about this additional service offered by TWS.

How often do you need window cleaning services?

The typical service schedule for window cleaning is quarterly, with 1-2 times a year being the bare minimum. Integrating window cleaning into a part of a larger facility service plan is your best bet for value, consistency and effectiveness. If we are currently your facility service company or you are considering us, then also consider using TWS to handle your window cleaning needs. We already know or will quickly come to know just what your property needs to look its best.

Does TWS wash the inside or outside of windows?

TWS handles both the interior and exterior of your windows. We get every nook and cranny, and as your regular facility service team, our on-going dedication to your property ensures we live up to this claim.

Have graffiti or glass damage?

With TWS on your property regularly, we are the most convenient, trustworthy and cost-effective team to handle emergencies or extra services to keep all glass clean and attractive. Our cloud-based, work order system means you can easily request one-time jobs to fix any damage, and having our team scheduled regularly onsite means that damage will get reported ASAP.

What kinds of properties does TWS service?

Have a multi-level business or residential complex? TWS cleans windows up to three stories high. We take on all kinds of properties for our window cleaning services (and all of our services), including large retail centers, outdoor shopping destinations, luxury apartment buildings, automobile dealerships and any other commercial property.

How is the window cleaning accomplished?

 TWS Facility Services uses:

  • State of the art equipment
  • Highly trained service technicians in professional uniforms
  • OSHA compliant procedures to ensure safety

With TWS Facility Services on your team, get clean windows and a clear view of success! Call to get a quote on window cleaning for your property: 888-883-1915



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