Spotlight on Service: Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

TWS Facility Services takes pride in keeping communities beautiful, functional, and healthy. Our services are fine-tuned to meet the highest standards, and we take care of the smallest details.

So what are the nuances of power washing and steam cleaning?

power washingThe Difference Between Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

It is pretty simple: Power Washing, sometimes called Pressure Washing, utilizes pressurized COLD water, whereas Steam Cleaning utilizes high-pressure HOT water.

Trying to remove gum, grease, and shopping cart marks with only cold water can damage the concrete surface due to the extra pressure needed to scrape the surface clean. Hot water often requires less use of chemicals too. TWS utilizes commercial-grade steam cleaning equipment to ensure a deep cleaning, followed by power washing to rinse the surfaces.

The Solution to Too Much Pressure

In order to remove stains and other grime, some imagine a lot of pressure is the trick. However, this can erode the surface. The solution is a critical component to cleaning a surface without doing damage, and it takes a professional to properly handle the mixing of such a solution. If the solution is too diluted, then it will not be effective and may lead to focusing on a spot for too long and damaging the surface. Rinsing off the solution well is also important to preventing damage.

We all know how unsightly dirt, grime, oil, grease, food and drink stains are, and that they may also create health hazards in trash enclosures. However, you don’t want to damage your property in an effort to keep it sparkling clean and appealing to quality tenants and customers. TWS Facility Services provides premier power washing and steam cleaning services to many high-end retail, business, and residential properties, including Fortune 500 companies. Our services have the finesse required to keep these kinds of properties clean and in good condition.

TWS Facility Service can steam clean:

  • Sidewalks
  • Trash enclosures
  • Building washes
  • Parking garages
  • and more!

Read more about our steam cleaning services.

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