Spotlight on Service: Landscaping

The condition of your property can make or break the first impression that it leaves on clients, customers and potential tenants. TWS has all maintenance and cleaning covered with our day porters, parking lot sweeping, power washing, steam cleaning, window cleaning, general maintenance, janitorial, and of course…. landscaping service!

Why Think About Landscaping Right Now?

Fall is actually a great time to address landscaping, whether it is alterations, plant additions or extra maintenance to spruce up a property. The cooler weather is easier on new and established plants, which concentrate on their roots, as they may have lost their leaves or are not in bloom. When they come back in the spring, they will be strong and flourishing. The higher chance of rain presents a clear advantage as well. With fewer bugs and leaves, it can be easier to notice bare spots to fill in so your property maintains a lush appearance and appeal. Most experts regard fall as the best time for pruning too.

TWS Facility Services addresses re-seeding and top dressing of lawns as needed, and we prune all trees and shrubbery at least once a year to keep branching strong and properly shaped and to eliminate potential hazards. Trees over 8 feet tall are handled separately, so make sure to inquire specifically about any towering trees your property may feature.

On a weekly basis, tree supports, such as stakes and guy wires, are inspected and maintained, then removed when no longer required. Edging, weeding and mowing of lawns, ground cover, and planters is also a weekly service.

In short, TWS can maintain all exterior landscaping such as lawn areas, planters, banks, flower beds, and island median strips, as well as making sure irrigation systems are in working order.

How Much Water for Your Landscape?

Overwatering is a problem for many reasons, especially if your propert is in a drought-stricken area. Lawns generally only need about an inch of water per week, meaning when rain occurs, irrigation should be adjusted to save water and protect the plants. This is a policy of TWS, as we currently have a large client base in the Southwest USA & California, and so we are experienced with the issues facing these climates.

When we take on a new property, TWS performs an initial inspection to determine the functionality of the site’s irrigation system, from its clocks and valves to its piping and sprinklers. Recommendations for repairs are made to save on cost and precious water. Flower beds, slopes, and trees are adequately watered with these automatic systems unless there is sufficient rainfall.

What About Fertilization?

There are two potential problems with fertilization for any property:

  • Not fertilizing at all
  • Fertilizing too much or improperly

The general recommendation is to fertilize a minimum of twice a year, particularly in the Spring and Fall. TWS provides fertilization to lawns, ground cover, trees, and shrubs four times per year to ensure healthy and lush greenery. We use balanced, organic fertilizer.

What are Proper Tools and Good Safety Protocol?

TWS makes safety a priority for our team members, as well as for others working at and visiting a property. We are alert to potential dangers and take precautions to prevent accidents, both in providing the service and in resolving landscaping issues such as branch hazards or holes. Safety goggles and gloves are mandatory, as are good habits of organization and cleaning of tools.

Visit our landscaping service page for a brief rundown of the services TWS offers, or contact one of our representatives to discuss the options and pricing for landscape services to your property: 888-883-1915.

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