Requesting a Facility Service Proposal – How to Keep It Simple

As a busy property manager, how can you make sure your RFPs are clear, strategic and save you time? Check out our short breakdown of what to include in the RFPs you submit to facility service companies.

RFPs or “Requests For Proposals” are documents requesting bids for work. In this case, the request is typically for ongoing service(s) from a facility service company. 

What Should You Include In Your Request For A Facility Service Bid?

  • Who: Give a brief overview of your company and property, including whether it is a retail, business or residential property, and note any unique needs your property may have.
  • What: List the ongoing services your property requires as well as any additional service you anticipate for the future. Combining all of your facility services into one comprehensive plan handled by the same provider is a smart way to go; you will be saving time, money and resources. 
  • Where: Obviously you will include the property’s address and details like square footage, but what about images? Including images such as property photos, maps, and blueprints is always a great idea. Outlining what areas you need to be serviced in these images can help a potential service provider give you a more accurate quote.
  • When: State clearly when you need work completed, using specific dates, times of day or seasons. Breaking recurring services down into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly times can help a service provider devise a well-structured service plan for you.
  • Why: Is there any particular reason you’re seeking a new service provider? Or do you simply need bids as a formality? If you’ve been unhappy with your current provider, then giving a brief description of what you’re seeking but haven’t been receiving can be very insightful. You want to make sure your new provider will not have the same weaknesses. If seeking a bid is simply a formality, then it can be a courtesy to be upfront about that as well.
  • How: Be straight-forward but also realistic with what you are willing and able to pay so you don’t waste time with low-ballers (who give poor and unreliable service) or service plans that exceed your budget. This will create a starting point once contract negotiations begin. Of course, you want to be strategic with this initial number but also aim to get quality service, not simply the lowest cost.

Great! Now you’ve submitted your request – what can you expect to get in return? Watch this video to see how TWS creates a service proposal (spoiler: it’s all killer, no filler!).

Of course, TWS sales representatives are always here to help because we’re seeking win-win relationships. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your property needs at any time, whether you’re requesting a proposal or not. Call TWS Facility Services at (888) 883-1915

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