Property Maintenance Projects for a Budget

Looking for small ways to spruce up your property and capitalize on summer traffic? We all have a budget to work with, but results are maximized when funds are given to the right projects. A few well-chosen projects to beautify your property can make a huge difference without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas!

Glass Repair

Window replacement costs a lot. A great alternative is to simply remove the etches and scratches from graffiti and normal wear. This is an on-site service that involves sanding and final polish to restore the glass to its former glory. The cost of this service is HALF that of window replacement. It’s an efficient and affordable maintenance project that will be well worth it for your property.

Car Stop Replacement

Parking stops create clear barriers that help cars from hitting walls or other cars. However, over time, cars bumping into them can cause them to shift. They may no longer be secure enough to do their job. With enough damage, they can become a visual blight. Having parking stops installed professionally will ensure they are secured in place. This is another quick and affordable improvement you can make to your property.

Curb Painting / Stenciling

Your curbs may be faded, scraped up, or not up to code. You may not need to repaint these every year, but if in doubt, it’s best to make sure they are properly marked so as to avoid fines. While this is a functional element, fresh paint always gives the impression of a newer, cleaner property.

There are lots of other smaller projects to improve your property, such as fire hydrant/bollard painting and custom sign installation/replacement. In addition to receiving excellent regular maintenance, a few extra projects will keep your property appealing, safe, and functional.

Having a facility service provider on-site at regularly schedules intervals can help you stay on top of smaller maintenance projects that won’t break the bank, but can greatly improve the appeal of your property. Contact TWS Facility Service to learn about how easy it is to use our cloud-based work order system to schedule regular and additional maintenance. Call 888-883-1915.



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