Prepping Your Property for Fall: Your Maintenance Checklist 

Get your property ready for cooling fall weather so you can prevent damage and keep it functioning at its best. 

Maintenance – Prepare for Fall

  • Clean gutters of debris frequently. 
  • Make sure gutters are secure so water doesn’t come down behind them. 
  • Make sure all water drains properly and doesn’t pool. Pooling can damage hardscape.
  • Inspect windows and doors to make sure stripping and caulking are in good condition. 
  • Check the heating systems to catch minor problems before they become costly repairs.
  • Clean ducts to make heating more efficient and air cleaner.
  • Make sure pipes are insulated to prevent freezing and bursting.

Fall Landscaping

  • Grass and other greenery may appear to stop growing, but the roots are actually growing deeper to prepare for winter. Now is a great time to fertilize and reseed. 
  • Prune trees and shrubs after leaves turn to encourage health and growth.
  • Trim tree limbs that could cause building damage when weighed down with snow or ice. 
[su_box title=”What About Parking Lots? ” style=”soft” box_color=”#0071BB”]There are a lot of proactive measures you can take to protect your parking lot from major damage in cold weather. Check out the next TWS Insider News for more details. Click here to subscribe to our email list, if you aren’t already.[/su_box]

What’s the most important point on your checklist? Get a facility services team that can think of all the details for you! The TWS team is proactive, looking ahead to prevent problems so you can relax. We offer flexible general maintenance options and train our day porters to catch the little problems before they become big headaches.

For the most quality, reliable service out there, choose TWS Facility Services. Contact our team and let us provide the solutions.

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