Paperless Property Management – Simplify Your Work & Life

Not long ago, a property manager would need to dig through a stack of files to access such things as leases, contracts, or maintenance invoices. Those days are gone! Reduce your clutter and make better use of your time by going paperless.

Going Digital with Documents

99% of all leases are now signed electronically. Not only does this save time in the process of getting the lease signed and returned, it also makes it easier to find the lease when needed. Scanning documents is one option, but a step up from that is using fillable PDF forms. Adobe Acrobat is one free application to create and edit these, including creating a legal signature.

Storing it All in the “Cloud”

Once you have documents in digital form, then they can be easily stored in and/or backed up to a cloud-based file system. This allows you to also access files and folders from any location, as well as set permissions as to who else can access them. It’s far more efficient and safer than an old lock and key file cabinet, plus no worries about a computer crashing and losing all of your data when it’s backed up to a cloud.

Online Work Order Systems

There’s an app for everything… including your maintenance services. Not only can you schedule services this way, but you have automatic records created.

One huge benefit of this is being able to quickly reference past maintenance logs with notes to jog your memory: Was there a warranty on that part? Is this a reoccurring issue for this property? What solution has typically been most effective? Questions such as these are easy to answer when all this info can be quickly searched for with key words.

There are many more benefits to using a work order system that’s both accessible online and via an app. In a future article, we will discuss the features you should look for in a work order system.

Does Your Facility Service Company Use an Online Work Order System?

TWS Facility Services stays at the forefront when it comes to technology. We understand that new technology needs to make our lives simpler by reducing steps and increasing efficiency; it shouldn’t complicate or merely replicate existing systems. Understanding that every property is different, TWS offers different packages to meet different needs, so give us a call to find out what will work best for you: (888) 883-1915  

In addition, when you choose TWS for all of your maintenance and cleaning services, you now have the equivalent of your very own facility service company, complete with a work order system that makes it easy for you to be verify the work is getting done. Consider consolidating your services to one provider who can handle it all – TWS Facility Services!








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