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Whether your property is an office building, a retail center, or a residential complex, it has likely been a “victim” of illegal dumping.How can you effectively address this problem?

As you well know, illegal dumping increases your property’s operational expenses. Dumpsters which fill up faster require more frequent pick-ups. Large items such as furniture, appliances, and electronics left by dumpsters or in nearby empty fields are unsightly and cost money to remove. 

There are also safety risks from illegal dumping. The junk can block parking spaces and walkways and can present such hazards as broken glass and sharp edges. It may also attract wild animals, which creates another set of problems.

Although there are many reasons people dump illegally, there are also several solutions to preventing it from happening on your property. 

Solutions to Illegal Dumping on Your Property

Video monitoring works best as prevention if it’s made very clear that videos are on-site and are either live or frequently reviewed. 

Signage can educate people about illegal dumping and prevent them from committing this crime. People often do not know about the legal consequences of illegal dumping; signage which informs them of consequences of dumping in addition to any video cameras which may be present can deter people from illegally dumping their stuff on your property or anywhere. 

On-site security guards can patrol the property and discourage would-be illegal dumpers. You can also combine remote security with video cameras and on-site speakers. When someone is caught dumping, the remote security can activate a speaker warning and if needed, they can call local police.

Security guards not in the budget? Because a physical presence of uniformed staff is often a deterrent in itself, using a facility service company that trains its employees to act as “the eyes and ears” of your property is definitely a smart choice. The team member is not only acting as a physical presence and a reporter of the property’s conditions, but they are performing other necessary tasks that keep the property clean and trash-free. Regularly scheduled maintenance can be the solution to many of your property’s needs.

Locked Dumpsters are perhaps the most obvious and easy solution. This is step #1 to solving your problem. If you have a residential complex, residents may be given a key if they need to access the dumpster, or you may only allow access via a shoot to prevent unauthorized dumping of large items. 

Education is the best way to prevent illegal dumping. In addition to warning signs, try to educate people about legal alternatives. If part of the problem is your actual tenants, then sending out notices with information on legal dump sites, trash out and haul away services, as well as the rules for using the property’s dumpster can help people find the legal and best solution to getting rid of unwanted items. These legal alternatives can also mean that junk and trash get recycled, donated or reused somehow so that waste is minimized. It’s a win-win for both your property and the community.

Keep the lines of communication open with tenants and provide a legal way for them to get rid of unwanted junk and trash. Your facility service provider should also be able to offer solutions at your request. At TWS, all that is needed is a quick phone call, text or email to a Property Coordinator to schedule a special trash pick-up for one of your tenants who has excess trash. 

Have more questions about what we can do to help you solve your most frustrating and reoccurring maintenance problems? TWS Facility Services is here to offer solutions which are customized to suit your property’s specific needs. Give us a call at 888-883-1815 and find out what we can do for you. 

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California Penal Code 374.3 makes illegal dumping on public and private property punishable by a fine ranging from a few hundred dollars to $10,000, depending on the details. Also, pursuant to Section 117555 of the California Health and Safety Code, a person who dumps illegally is punishable by up to six months in jail.

If you’re in another state, our team there is educated on the local laws, and TWS team members can assist in making sure they’re not violated on your property.


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