Cleaning Up The Myths About Day Porter & Facility Service

What are some common misconceptions that could prevent you from getting the best facility service? Three myths to not fall for.

Myth #1 – Day Porters Are Just Outdoor Janitors

In addition to thinking that anyone can do the job, some think that day porters are essentially outdoor janitors. True, day porters clean surfaces and empty trash cans, but at TWS, they also function as the eyes and ears of your property. They are trained to clean to the highest standard with the appropriate products and tools, but also to immediately report such issues as needed repairs, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, and any safety hazards. TWS Day Porters are in constant communication with our Property Coordinators who are available 24/7 to our clients. This way, you are always well-informed of what is happening on your property, whether 10 miles or 1000 miles away.

Myth #2 – Minimal Scheduling Of Cleaning & Maintenance Is Most Budget Friendly

As noted above, day porters are more than just a cleaning crew. Although cleaning cannot be undervalued because the type of people who visit your property can and will change in relation to how well-maintained your property is, and this can and will incur a change in the type of tenants your property attracts. This holds true for commercial, retail, or residential properties of varying sizes and amenities. 

Don’t let your property become trashy. Invest in quality maintenance and cleaning and see it improve your budget by making your property a success that keeps growing. Whether it’s outdoor day porters or an indoor housekeeping team, TWS team members are trained with the same standards and are part of a larger team of supervisors and coordinators, all working together to keep your property in its best shape.

Concerns about illegal dumping, homeless people, construction or landscape debris on your property? These can be reoccurring headaches for property managers. The right facility service company takes the stress away by handling it for you. When you have enough coverage on your property and the right service plan, these problems barely have time to surface before they’re reported and a solution is in the works. However, you cannot get this level of service if you don’t recognize the need for more presence on your property. You cannot be there all the time, but you can have service technicians present often enough to prevent problems from snowballing.

Myth #3 – All Facility Maintenance & Cleaning Companies Basically Offer The Same Service

It can seem as if most facility service companies offer the same services. However, as important as the type of service is how it is executed and with what motivations. At TWS, our mission is to adapt to your needs. If your property requires something special, we are able to mobilize resources and our team and make it happen. We combine a classic work ethic with modern technology so you get quality plus efficiency. 

TWS also offers such a comprehensive roster of facility services that it’s possible for your property to essentially have its own dedicated facility service team. We can do this right down to uniforms – your company logo or ours, which do you prefer? You also can have the option of an as-needed general maintenance technician who is available to service your property as a part of an overall service plan. This option can also be split between several of your properties in one area. 

So don’t buy the myths about day porter service and facility service in general; they are major factors in the success of your property. A clean, appealing, functional and safe environment is consistently achievable with a facility service company that has both the experience and flexibility your property needs.

Not a TWS client yet? Find out why our client retention rate is amazingly high! Give us a call and ask about a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plan that is adapted to your property’s specific needs: 888-883-1915

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