Meeting the Complexities of Luxury Apartment Maintenance

TWS Facility Services not only blows away the competition as a maintenance and cleaning provider for retail centers and office buildings, but we also give our signature care to apartment complexes. What distinct needs are we prepared to meet for luxury apartments?

Many luxury apartment complexes are distinguished by:

  • Lush landscaping
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pet areas
  • Gyms
  • Pools and spas
  • Other amenities such as dining rooms, theaters, and kitchens

These spaces and grounds need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep tenants happy and to grow the success of a property. A facility service provider who has experience dealing with large, high traffic, commercial properties can better address the needs of an expansive complex that is not merely residential spaces.

TWS Facility Services has the adaptability to supply our services from retail centers to office buildings to luxury apartments.

Need team members to wear uniforms specialized to fit your property’s image? Ask us about options to customize our services for you. We can provide a team that gives you the benefits of essentially having your own onsite facility service staff, but none of the headache on your part. Delegate the maintenance and cleaning to TWS Facility Services and rest easy that your unique property has just the care it requires.

Some of the facility services we offer that a residential complex may require:

Contact TWS Facility Services and find out how we can create a custom service package to keep your apartment complex luxurious: (888) 883-1915

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