Make The First Impression Count: Your Property’s “Curb Appeal”

First impressions are important! Tenants and clients form their first impressions of your property the minute they arrive. How can you make this fact work for you?

Your retail center can have a great location and a traffic-drawing anchor, but dirty, unkept grounds will repel customers and quality tenants. If you manage a residential property, beautiful interiors may not offset an exterior that doesn’t feel clean and safe. Whether you have retail or residential tenants, their initial impression can make or break whether they choose your property.

The first things people notice about your property:

Parking Lot

Is it clean and well maintained? If lots of trash, gum, etc, seem to be a problem, then you need a day porter on site more often and for longer periods. Cutting corners on this can end up costing you in the long run.

Make sure to choose a facility service company that is reliable and can verify that the service is completed. Very soon, a GPS verified system will be available for our facility services (we’re already in beta testing mode!). Contact our team to learn more about this.

Cracks and uneven asphalt/pavement are also a deterrent to customers and tenants, not to mention safety hazards. Check out this article for more information on parking lot maintenance.

Trash Cans

Studies show that when there are convenient trash receptacles, people are far less likely to litter. However, trash cans also need to be emptied and cleaned. Overflowing and dirty trash cans discourage people from throwing trash away properly, defeating the whole purpose of having trash cans. Unsure of how many trash cans are ideal for your property? Ask our team – they’re experts on this!

Is illegal dumping a problem on your property? TWS is here to help you find solutions to discourage and manage illegal dumping. Sometimes, simply having a regular presence of workers on the property can keep people from choosing your property as their dumping ground.


Make sure lighted signs aren’t burnt out, that signs have easy-to-read lettering and aren’t blocked by landscaping, and that signage is in a current style. Signs can help people find and navigate your property, but they also make an “impression”. Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate the high value of your property with something as simple as having great signs.


It’s a given that plants, trees, and flowers can really enhance the appeal of a property. Very sparse properties are simply not as inviting. In contrast, overgrown landscaping looks unkept. You also want to be aware of the bugs and animals that certain landscaping can attract. Water pooling in some areas can attract gnats or mosquitos. Proper irrigation and strategic planning can eliminate these issues.

Your first step to creating and maintaining an appealing property is to have regularly scheduled facility services. If things don’t seem to be kept up, then you may need to increase the frequency of services or find a way to verify services are actually being done. In addition to regular facility services, consider additional projects to improve your property’s “curb appeal”. Sometimes a few simple improvements can make a huge difference.

Not able to visit your properties in person often or at all? The right facility services company can and will act as your “eyes and ears”. With mobile devices capable of video, you can get a real-time walk-through even. Reach out to TWS and see what we can do for you so that your property maximizes its appeal. Call us at 888-883-1915 or send a quick email and request a call-back.

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