Make Property Management Easier – Combine Your Facility Services

Make managing your property easier without compromising on quality. Consider the benefits of consolidating your facility services under one company that offers integrated service plans.

Combine Your Facility Services & Make Your Job Easier

Many property managers are now going with one facility service company that can handle all of their property’s maintenance and janitorial needs. This can reduce the cost, time, and energy of communicating with vendors, yet increase the quality of services. However, this means that a single company has to be capable of addressing your property’s many needs.

TWS Facility Services is a company that can do it all. We offer a full list of services for interior and exterior maintenance. We use a cloud-based work order system and provide you a dedicated property coordinator. This “PC” personally gets to know you and your property’s needs so that services are adapted to you. When you choose our team to be your team, it’s as if your property has its very own facility services department committed to your success.

Need specialized services from time to time, such as a general maintenance technician, but don’t require a full-time person? When you consolidate your services with TWS, you can use one general maintenance manager across several sites in an area. These kinds of solutions allow you to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality.

TWS offers the highest level of service without cutting corners which is why our client retention rate is unusually high. Our adaptability and expertise in a wide range of facility services allow us to meet your property’s unique needs. Whatever it is you need, we can do it. Contact us to see what service package we can create for you: 888-883-1915

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