Limiting Loitering – What Can You Do & How Can Your Facility Service Company Help?

Loitering can hurt the success of your property by scaring off customers, making business tenants uncomfortable, and generally discouraging visitors. How you can safely address this problem?

What is Loitering?

Loitering is simply when a person sits or stands around a commercial property without permission to be there or any plans to buy anything from a business located there.

Whether you manage a retail center, apartment complex, or office building, loiterers can discourage customers and prospective tenants. If a property feels unsafe or uncomfortable, then it can be written off as undesirable. If patrons and visitors avoid your party due to the presence of loiterers, then it can result in loss of money and tenant complaints.

How to Discourage Loitering?

Loitering is often a result of homelessness, which has been on the rise in the United States. See this article to learn more about dealing with homeless people on your property. That can make it a delicate issue to address. Although you may not know the reasons why someone is loitering, you can always take a humane and safe approach that still protects your property.

1. The Obvious Can Work: Install “No Trespassing” or “No Loitering” Signs

Need help creating and installing some signs? Your facility service company should be able to handle it. TWS makes it our mission to do whatever you ask to make your property a success! Don’t hesitate to call up a TWS property coordinator and ask for additional services. We’re already familiar with your property and can save you time (and by extension – money) if we handle it for you. Not a TWS client? Contact us and find out why you should be!

2. Simply Ask People to Leave – Using an Automated System

This can be a touchy one too, as you don’t want to create an altercation. It’s often best to alert the proper authorities to handle it. However, the local police can become unresponsive if an issue is ongoing. An alternative option is using automated message systems. These can be installed and activated with a push of a button, sending the message loud and clear without putting a tenant or employee at risk. The message may say something like, “Attention please: There are no loitering or illegal activities allowed at this location. All activities are being monitored and recorded. You must leave the premises immediately or the police will be called.”

Also, if you have regular facility service provided to your property, then you have “eyes and ears” to report to you when there is a loitering issue. This allows you to address it ASAP before anything escalates. The frequent presence of facility service team members can serve as a discouragement against loiterers in itself. Talk with a TWS representative about what kind of service schedule may work to discourage loitering on your property.

3. Install Video Monitoring Systems

A lot of loitering may occur after hours or late at night when there are no tenants or customers to discourage or report it. However, the loiterers may leave trash and other undesirable junk on your property. A video monitoring system can inform you of who is loitering on the property and when. Some may alert you immediately. Then you are able to contact the appropriate authorities to safely resolve the situation. This can make loiterers quickly realize that your property is not a desirable place for them to stay. Along with “No Loitering” signs, you can use “Video Monitoring on Premises” signs to both inform and discourage loiterers. After all, the ultimate goal is to keep your property welcoming to customers or tenants, not to loiterers.

As always, if you need assistance implementing something on your property, then TWS is here to make it happen. We can be the one call you make! Call us at 888-883-1915

[su_box title=”Taking a Creative Approach to Loitering Problems” style=”soft” box_color=”#0071BB”]

Think you’ve tried everything to discourage loitering? Maybe you haven’t tried using music to annoy loiterers. Properties have reported success in preventing loitering by blaring classical music in outdoor speakers. Around the world, music as a tactic has been used by businesses and transportation services alike. People respond with dislike to the music they aren’t familiar with; plus, it doesn’t make an environment welcoming to anyone looking for a place to sleep. Classical music seems to be an ideal choice because it’s less likely to deter legitimate customers or tenants.

In addition, music alters mood. The “muzak” you hear in elevators and grocery stores is designed to make people feel calm. As a result, this also helps lessen vandalism and other destructive activities.

If loitering is a major issue on your property, then a creative measure like this may be worth a shot. Also, remember to contact TWS Facility Services to brainstorm more ideas!


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