Let’s Talk About Proposals

Watch a brief video explaining how TWS presents clear and straightforward proposals for our services. Also, check out a simple infograph which illustrates the breakdown of the cost of a Day Porter service with TWS.

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Hi, this is Brian with TWS Facility Services, and we’re here to talk about proposals!

What is an RFP?

An RFP, or request for proposal, is a document that we provide potential clients looking for our services. Inside a proposal, you’ll find an outlined scope of services (which details the services we will be providing), a service fee for the services, and a signature page. Once both parties agree to the proposal, then generally it becomes Exhibit A to the contract.

How Does TWS Create a Proposal?

Here at TWS, we are 100% upfront about what our services TRULY cost. We do NOT quote a base price, only to later tack on charges for additional operating costs such as holiday pay, uniforms, cell phones or even health care. From the start, we provide our clients with ONE service charge that includes everything necessary to provide excellent service. Our clients appreciate this transparent, honest approach, and they trust us to know exactly how much they will be spending for our services.

How Does TWS Present a Proposal?

TWS makes sure NOT to flood potential clients with 30-plus pages in a proposal. We know this simply overwhelms the client with unnecessary information. Here at TWS, we like to call our proposals the “meat and potatoes”. We don’t need to tell the client how great our firm is for pages on end because we know they have done their due diligence and researched our company beforehand, which is why we are asked to provide a proposal. A proposal from us is typically only 3-5 pages. It includes a cover page, scope of services provided, service fees, insurance information, and a signature page.

Of course, our sales representatives are always happy to provide potential clients with whatever additional information they need to make their best decision.

Example: Cost Breakdown


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