Keeping Public Spaces Disinfected with Facility Service During the Coronavirus Outbreak

TWS Facility Services provides a “Necessary Essential Service” and so we are not only continuing to maintain, clean, and disinfect as usual, but we are encouraging extra cleaning and disinfecting at this time.

Keeping Playgrounds Safe
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Please be assured that we are taking precautions to ensure the safety of our on-site team members who perform these essential tasks. They are equipped with the proper gear and disinfectants to accomplish these services as safely as possible, wherever they are needed.

Although businesses may have slowed for some properties, others may still find it necessary to be open and may have an even bigger need for cleaning and disinfecting. TWS handles facility services for every kind of property, inside and out. With people staying home and school being paused, communal, residential spaces such as playgrounds may need extra maintenance and disinfecting. Businesses that are closed may consider this an ideal time to thoroughly disinfect and cleanse their properties before life resumes as normal.

Whatever your situation or property, TWS is here to support you in our community endeavors to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus. For more information on what you can do, read this article.

Click here to download our COVID-19 Guide, with information on the coronavirus, how to prevent transmission and proper disinfecting practices.

Contact us at 888-883-1915 to address any concerns, questions or needs you may have. TWS is ready to dispatch our team to help you create and maintain a safe, disinfected property. 

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