Keep Time on Your Side with Better Property Management

How can time be on your side when it comes to managing properties?

TWS knows that Property Managers are busy people – visiting properties, developing budgets, preparing documents, and meeting with tenants. To successfully accomplish all of these tasks, communication and time management skills are essential. Yet sometimes even seasoned pros struggle to balance their busy schedules.

3 Tips to Put Time On Your Side if You’re a Busy Property Manager:

1. Knowledge is Power….and it Saves Time!

The relatively short time it takes to stay updated on laws and trends will inform and equip you to be more efficient when problems arise and to make use of new time-saving solutions. Is your facility service provider keeping up with these changes also?

2. Check Your Technology

Today’s technological tools have made it easier than ever to keep organized and accomplish tasks efficiently.

Are you making use of:
  • TWS’ advanced field technology to give you updates about your property? Simply log-in and view the service dates and times as well as review notes and photos of the property.
  • Text & instant messaging using your smart phone? Why not establish a fast and convenient way to contact our Property Coordinators? Contact your Property Coordinator to let them know you would like to text and/or IM.
3. Use Systems & Procedures

To-do lists for yourself are one thing, but try putting everyone on the same page.

Some Ideas:

  • An up-to-date written procedure for every repetitive process in your department.
  • A matching set of checklists for each procedure in your office.
  • A full set of standard letters/templates.

By having systems and procedures in place, you will be able to minimize slip ups and complaints and work more efficiently. Procedures help keep consistency in dealing with problem tenants too. Being a property manager can be consuming and exhausting, especially if you are on-call 24/7. Try and keep your weekend as clear as you can and use your vacations and holidays to recharge. Better management of your time will make your job and life more enjoyable. TWS Facility Services is happy to help! Call us to find out how at 888-883-1915


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