Green is Clean! Learn How TWS Puts Sustainability Into Practice for Facility Services

TWS Facility Services makes it our mission to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, and we know this includes the needs of the community at large, such as keeping up with evolving sustainability and green practices in the facility service industry.

By reducing energy use and maintaining and improving infrastructures, we pass on savings to our clients and positively contribute to our community. TWS Facility Services has standardized processes and procedures that are designed to adapt to different properties. This creates consistency without rigidity and allows us to choose the most effective way to meet both client and environmental needs.

Here are just some of the ways that TWS puts sustainability into practice:

Green General Maintenance Services

TWS seeks to optimize a facility’s function so that it runs “green”. We accomplish this by aiding in tenant satisfaction, implementing upgrades that are cleaner and more sustainable, as well as conserving energy and saving costs with our efficient practices.

Green Janitorial & Day Porter Services

TWS trains our team members to serve as the eyes and ears for your property. Their regular reports help us evaluate where practices on your property can be improved to become more sustainable. In addition, our team members are highly trained to bring environmentally aware practices to your property. Some of our green waste services include:

  • Recycling of landscaping & other debris
  • Composting paper hand towels
  • Properly disposing of lighting and batteries
  • Sorting trash on-site to minimize landfill contribution

Only Clean What You Need – Sustainable Facility Service

TWS doesn’t waste time, money, OR energy and products. With the increasing variety of schedules for offices, retail stores, and even residential spaces, TWS knows that a plan based on square footage probably isn’t the best one for your budget or the environment. We can devise a specific cleaning and maintenance plan that cleans what you need when you need it and how you need it – nothing more, nothing less. Because we offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services, when you choose TWS to do it all, then we essentially provide a whole facility service team that is

  • Trained with a standardized strategy
  • United by the same work ethos
  • Familiar with your property’s unique needs
  • Dedicated to your property’s success

Daytime Cleaning for Sustainable Facility Service

TWS team members can clean your property during the day to reduce energy consumption. This program means not using lights at night and using green cleaning products that are friendly to both the environment and the people in the facility. TWS is fully prepared to help your property transition to a daytime cleaning program so that there’s no interference to your operations.

Want to learn more? Feel free to call up one of our team members and ask how we can help your property function in a more sustainable and green manner: 888-883-1915

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