First California Strip Mall Ever Chooses Best Facility Service Ever

New Property Spotlight

Arguably one of the first strip malls in California, complete with a drive-through, this historic Los Angeles shopping plaza is a revitalized hub of specialty shops and eateries. 

Although a historic building built in 1929 during the Spanish Revival, it was ultimately designed for ease of automobile access, featuring big parking spots in its center and a drive-through market. While strip center layouts have changed since, often featuring better parking designs, the initial idea of designing for accessibility is still a key for modern strip centers. When it’s an older center, there are other strategies you can take to increase its convenience factor. 

With a restored facade and tenants geared to cater to the bustling Koreatown neighborhood, this particular center is still going strong.

TWS Facility Services will be providing pressure washing services and day porter services.

The takeaway for your strip mall – maximize its accessibility and visual appeal and go with the best facility service available (hint: that’s TWS!). For more strip mall success strategies, check out this article. 

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