Facility Service for the Busiest Retail Center on the Las Vegas Strip

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TWS Facility Services has demonstrated a unique ability to care for a wide variety of properties, ranging from small strip malls to large shopping destinations. Learn about how we adapt our services to the busiest retail center on the Las Vegas Strip.

TWS is able to provide service to so many different types of properties because a core component of our service strategy is adaptability. Take our client relationship with a prominent retail corner on the Las Vegas strip. This three-story shopping mall has over 110,000 square feet and draws over 70,000 people a day. It is also open 24/7, offering over 20 restaurants, stores, and attractions. It needs near-constant upkeep because of the huge amount of foot traffic that never ends! This means the facility service technicians have to be trained to perform services even when the area is packed with customers. They have to keep neat, presentable appearances and work quickly and efficiently. The image of this Las Vegas strip property is, of course, very important, and TWS understands the importance of appearances in addition to functionality.

TWS adapts our services for this retail property on the Las Vegas Strip:

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TWS approaches these challenges with experience and expertise, and no other facility service company can rival our adaptability. We custom fit our services to a property’s unique needs; this ranges from schedules to uniforms to specific services and anything else you can think of. A common request we readily meet is to “white label” our services. Our people wear shirts with your property’s name. These team members both appear and act as an extension of your property’s operations. Properties that take advantage of our comprehensive catalog of services find themselves with a unified team that feels like their very own facility service company.

As a property manager, you may also face unique challenges in both your professional and personal life. TWS understands this too, so our mission is as person-oriented as it is geared towards meeting measurable objectives. We pride ourselves in keeping open, clear communication and offering the latest technology to track and organize our services and on-site team members. We aim to be an extension of your team and to lessen your stress; we are on your side and always looking for a win-win.

If you want to experience a style of facility service that is geared to adapt to your needs, then TWS is your top company of choice. We are eager to talk to you and learn about your unique challenges and concerns. Contact a team representative at 888-883-1915 for a no-obligation chat.

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