Extraordinary Properties Need Extraordinary Facility Service

When a company needs commercial cleaning and maintenance that keeps its extraordinary facility in its prime condition, then they turn to TWS Facility Services.

TWS has an impressive roster of prestigious clients because of our perfect blend of experience and adaptability. We take decades of expertise in our industry and enhance it with forward-thinking leaders who adapt our services to the ever-changing needs of our clients’ properties.

Our services are in high demand with premium retail, business and residential locations across the Western United States. This rapid expansion stems from our impressive ability to cater to the unique requirements of these high-end properties.

Check out just three of the amazing companies who confidently entrust their properties to our first-rate care:

Simon Property



Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and an S&P 100 company. Their industry-leading retail properties across North America, Europe and Asia attract millions of consumers every day and generate billions in annual retail sales.




Fletcher Jones Dealership


Fletcher Jones is one of the most successful luxury automobile dealer groups in the United States. Their revolutionary approach treats “guests” — not “customers” — with the same level of service you would expect from a five-star hotel. This automotive retail empire spans four states and nineteen dealerships.





Caruso Property



Caruso is an industry-renowned company that combines best-in-class real estate with five-star hospitality for a timeless collection of town centers, residences, offices, street-front retail and more. For nearly three decades, Caruso has been creating extraordinary destinations in some of the most desirable locations in and around Los Angeles. They are continually breaking new ground and redefining the shopping and lifestyle experience.



TWS Facility Services meets the challenge of delivering the best possible maintenance to clients such as these who carry high expectations and who have spectacular reputations to keep intact. Our service directly impacts their image and the experience their properties offer, and we are motivated to keep them thrilled with the quality of our care.

Does your property need commercial cleaning and maintenance on a higher level? Contact TWS Facility Services and find out how we can create a custom service schedule that is as extraordinary as your property: (888) 883-1915

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