Double the Fun – Twin 12 Run + 2 Drivers

October 1st Saturday Night’s race was an exciting one! It was the first time this year that TWS Racing ran a Twin 12 in the Main Event for the Pro Class. Read on to hear about how the night went for both of our drivers.

Brian (500 Pro Class) – For the very first time this year, TWS Racing ran a Twin 12 in the Main Event for the Pro Class.  A Twin 12 is when you run two main races, and based on your finishing order, both of your scores are combined for the best points.  Brian placed  2nd in his first heat race and 4th in his second.  In the first main event, he had a D&F due to a spin out and a major accident that happened in front of him.  In the second main event, Brian placed 6th.  With a D&F in the first main event and 6th in the second main event, he placed 8th overall.

Braden (Intermediate Class) – Braden placed 5th in the first heat race and 2nd in the second.  He had a bad start in the main event, starting 5th but getting passed and ending up 8th within the first lap.  But then, he started his attack and made some incredible passes.  He was driving like a pro!  Braden was going after 3rd place, but there was an altercation with the 1st place car and a lap car.  Braden swerved to miss it, causing him to stall and end up back at the end.  He finished 11th.  This truly was one of Braden’s best driving races.  He drove awesome and was calculated when making passes.  He is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

The TWS Racing Team’s next race is October 15th.

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