Don’t Let Safety Slip – Reduce Risk with Facility Services

Safety is generally a big concern for a property manager. Learn what proactive measures a good facility service provider can and should be taking to minimize the risk of slips and falls on your property.

Ways Your Facility Service Provider Can Reduce Risk:

  • Using quality chemicals and mixing them properly can reduce residue and wear-and-tear on surfaces that can cause people to fall.
  • Good habits, such as maintaining clean mop water and washing auto-scrubber brushes, make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleansed which reduces risk of slips.
  • Training team members on safety measures and how to recognize, reduce and take care of hazards as well as potential hazards is the first step to good practices.

banana slip sign - preventative maintenance

One common yet easy to control hazard is moisture – such as rainwater, mud, or residue from asphalt parking lots – that gets tracked in from outside. A mat system using scrubber mats outside and walk-off mats inside can minimize this problem, but the mats themselves must be maintained and kept in good repair. Monthly shampooing and vacuuming several times a day is recommended. Size makes a difference too. The most effective mats are 20-30 feet, as opposed to the standard 10.

Is this much effort really necessary?

Considering the number one area of tort litigation is slips and falls, then being proactive about floor care becomes an important matter. The average cost of a slip and fall accident is about $7,000, leading to an 80 million dollar industry of lawsuits, one that is growing. Some companies build this cost into their budgets, but taking preventative measures may reduce cost in the long-run.

In addition to maintenance, well-placed, appropriate signage, barriers and cameras can aid in preventing slips and fraudulent claims.

As a facility service provider that prioritizes our client’s business and looks out for the well-being of the community, TWS trains its team members to recognize what creates hazards so as to prevent incidences, injuries and even mere inconveniences. Handling emergencies is an area of expertise for us, but so is preventing them via excellent maintenance.

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