Corporate Team Member Spotlight: Diana Flores

The TWS corporate team is here to support our clients directly and our team members in the field so they can do their job even better.  This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Diana Flores, a Property Coordinator who has been with TWS since December of 2021

Diana Flores  – Property Coordinator

What I like about my job: I am always busy. Some days I feel like I blink, and the work day is done. There is never a dull moment or repetitive days as there are in other companies.

My biggest talent / strength is: Seeing situations from a 360 degree perspective which allows for maximized problem solving in almost any situation.

Pets: We are a pitbull family- Kona, Marley, and Syx. Though I love 3, Marley is my number 1 as he appeared out of thin air when I needed a dog the most. He’s a pit-corgi mix.

Work Education / Background: I’ve worked in many industries acquiring as many skills along the way. I graduated from Mt. San Antonio College-AA, UC Riverside-BA, and UC Berkeley-MA and love learning.

Hobbies: Reading is at the top of my list when it comes to free time, watching movies and spending time with family and friends follows right behind, and I LOVE to bake.

Fun Fact: I am the first child, niece, grandchild, great-grandaughter, within my family. This is fun to me because that makes me the eldest of 22 first-cousins and we all grew up together.

My favorite food (s): Right now, quesabirria tacos are my jam. Those recently beat out my ramen obsession which beat out my Korean BBQ phase which beat out my Indian food craze. No, coffee wins it all.

Other info / free write: Honestly, the team environment in Operations is what allows me to thrive in my role with TWS- great co-workers, excellent trainers, knowledgeable Senior PCs- such a great team.



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