Before TWS & After TWS

Wow! See the amazing work of our awesome team members in sprucing up properties to keep them looking their best.

TWS team members have an eye for detail and know that the little things can have a major impact on the feel and ultimate success of a property. A clean and visually appealing property will always have an edge over those which are not in good condition.

Recently, TWS team members took an old, cracked concrete floor and made it beautiful again with new epoxy flooring. Our client, who is a property manager for a retail space, was ecstatic about the floor and how our professional team solved a major problem for her.

Shining Results with New Epoxy Flooring:

epoxy floor facility service

A Trash Can Restored to Its Former Glory:

Facility Services restore trash receptacle

Sump Pump No Longer a Dump:

After seasonal downpour and flooding in Southern California, TWS got called to clean a sump basin that was completely filled with trash and unable to drain properly. As a result of the trash and flooding, the circuit board was fried! Thanks to our on-the-ball property coordinators, the problem was promptly handled. The sump basin was cleaned out and the circuit board replaced. Look at these results!

sump pump cleaning facility service

Want your own impressive “after” results? Let TWS be your problem solver too! Call us at 888-883-1915 for a brief, no-obligation chat about what we can do for you.

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