Back to Basics – Commercial Property Maintenance 101

Don’t lose sight of the fundamentals of facility maintenance which can prove to be the foundation for your property’s success.

We’ve recently discussed small maintenance projects that won’t break the bank, but let’s review why keeping on top of the basics is essential for your property to thrive.

First Impressions Can Be Last  Impressions

The exterior of your property is the first thing people see. Whether your property is a retail center, business park or residential complex, the exterior can make or break a tenant’s interest in leasing a space. Even if you manage to get a great tenant in a commercial space, the exterior can attract or repel potential clients or customers to your tenants. If tenants aren’t faring well, then neither will your property. On the other hand, if people are drawn to your property, then that spells success. Regular cleaning, maintenance, repairs and touch-ups will keep your property visually appealing and will attract the right people.

Design a regular maintenance schedule that is ideal for your property’s needs and budget. Cutting corners will cost you in the long run, so think long-term when determining your budget.

Talk to one of our representatives to determine what works best for a property like yours. TWS is a top facility services company that has provided maintenance and cleaning for a vast array of properties for decades, and so we can use our expertise to craft a service plan that suits your property’s needs. Our flexibility has allowed us to accommodate the needs of many impressive, unique properties that require special care. Tell us what you need and we can make it happen!

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

So people are drawn to the beautiful, well-maintained exterior of your property… but then they must enter a building, so make sure the inside matches the outside. The interiors need to be safe, clean, functional and attractive for tenants and customers alike. If it looks good but has functionality issues, then the facade won’t last for long; you’ll have high turnover, which will hurt your success.

Did you know that TWS doesn’t just provide external site facility services but also professional maintenance and cleaning for indoors? Check out our janitorial services.

The Devil’s in the Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that repel customers or makes tenants dissatisfied, and much of the time, it comes down to cleanliness and comfort. Are there available restrooms that are clean and stocked? Is there seating in a shady area for customers to eat and lounge? Are employee break rooms neat, stocked and comfortable? Are the common areas in a residential building clean, safe and inviting?

Don’t want to worry about all these little things? Having a facility service company that handles all of your maintenance and cleaning needs is a great solution to freeing up your time and energy for the big stuff. In the long run, it not only saves you time and energy, but often money when you have one company do it all.

Check out the many services TWS offers. Working with us is the next best thing to your very own facility services team onsite, if not better because we handle all the hassle. TWS offers a totally transparent approach to verify services, such as our advanced field technology and cloud-based work order system. We also use your preferred method of communication – text, email or phone.

Keep a Cool Head and a Warm Heart

Cooling and heating are the sort of thing no one notices when all is well, but when something is off, then it can easily spoil everything. Show your concern for the comfort of tenants, clients and customers by making sure cooling and heating units are in good repair and by handling any breakdowns speedily. Be logical about it by having a plan in advance with your facility services company so you can cut costs and reduce losses from emergencies.

TWS offers flexible general maintenance plans as add-ons to your regular service plans. This is a fantastic way to get regular maintenance and handle unexpected yet inevitable emergencies quickly. We have many options, such as using this service across several sites in your portfolio in an area. Contact one of our representatives to explore these options.

When you have the basics covered and the best facility service team on hand, then your property is bound to achieve success, and you reduce the stress that comes from being unprepared and cutting corners.

TWS Facility Services has an extremely high client retention rate. Contact us to find out why so many property managers choose our facility service company over others year after year: 888-883-1915









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