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The Saturday 9/17 race night was an exciting one!

Brian drove the speedway sprint to a 4th place finish in the main event.  Prior to the main event, Brian had a few mishaps in the Dash for Cash event where he and Austin Brundange got tangled up.  After a few repairs and adjustments from the team, TWS Racing ended the night with 4th in the main!

Braden once again drove like a machine.  Braden started his main event in 4th.  There was crash with a few cars in front of him which caused him to spin out.  After the spinout, Braden was placed in the back.  He drove his way backed to 5th place, but on the last lap another car in front of him crashed and he ran into it.  This put him back at the end.  With one lap to go he ended up 13th, passing one car.  Through all the hiccups, Braden drove like a champion!

Nice Job Team!

To see the racing schedule, visit the TWS Racing website.

Check out some photos:
[unitegallery racing6]

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