Another Awesome Race!

The TWS Race team did great at the Saturday night races. Read the update for 7/23/16 race.

Representing TWS Racing for the pro 500 class is Brian, who had an awesome drive this race. The car was running amazing, and it showed.  In the main event, Brian started in last place, but ended up 4th overall. He was 30 feet from the checker flag for 3rd, but Daniel Bennett made the pass, taking away 3rd from Brian.

Braden also drove amazing in the intermediate class.  In the main event he started 1st and on the pole.  He ran 1st for around 5 laps and then was spun out by another driver.  On the restart he was last, but came back and ended 5th overall.  With his heart, determination and driving like a pro, he was making amazing passes and did great.  Great job Team TWS!



Click to watch a video clip of the race on our Facebook page.

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