The Worth of Water – Adapting to Drought

Adapting to a Long-term Drought

California has been in an unprecedented drought for four years now. Governor Jerry Brown noted that this will affect the entire country, not just California.

As of this year, California cities and towns must reduce water usage by 25%, with potential fines up to $500 a day for those who do not comply.

“Anybody who’s wasting water, not using the latest technology – that’s not very smart,” Governor Brown has said.

What Does This Mean for Retail and Industrial Park Properties?

Some businesses may be able to let the lawns outside their office buildings dry up, sure, but water can be very important to businesses which rely on image. For example, officials have considered a rule against running decorative fountains, something many higher-end shopping centers feature. However, with brick-and-mortar increasingly competing with online shopping, the experience of a retail center is paramount. Maintenance to keep a property clean and attractive is still very necessary, and determining how to conserve can be tricky.


Sustainable Landscaping

Since the drought is likely not going away soon, “sustainable” landscaping is the future for commercial properties, saving both water and money. Drought-friendly landscaping includes plant choices which thrive in a local environment without any or much additional irrigation. This is known as xeriscaping. Xeriscaping can be very attractive when done well. Choosing trees over grass is the better long-term investment and has higher visual appeal. Trees can also provide shade for other plants, and when arranged well, this can reduce evaporation.

Efficient irrigation systems can also cut down on water usage. Keeping these systems efficient requires regular maintenance. Make sure to regularly check for water leaks, blocked sprinkler heads, and any needed spray adjustments. Before upgrading your system, look into local water rebates, which may offset the cost of implementing a new system.


Proper Maintenance

Sustainable landscaping also requires proper maintenance, which is where your facility service provider comes into play. TWS customizes our services to fit a client’s goals, specific needs, and budget. Our services include lawn maintenance, plant and tree maintenance, water control, irrigation systems and more. Contact us to find out how you can create a service package which has greater sustainability, and find out how good facility maintenance uses water efficiently.

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