A Day in the Life of a Property Manager: Part II – Marketing, Communication & Coordination

How can a facility service company make your day easier when it comes to communication, coordination and even marketing for your property?

With the expanding responsibilities of property managers nowadays, a top facility service company can and should be alleviating your workload and any stress, not adding to it.

Part I discussed the tasks a property manager may face, such as 
research, budgeting, and maintenance. Now, what about marketing, as well as communicating and coordinating with owners, tenants, and vendors?


  • Develop and maintain an image for your property and management company
  • Advertise vacancies and find the right tenants
  • Maintain a high level of occupancy for a property

How can your facility service company help?

Marketing is a matter of image to attract the best property owners and tenants. It may be needless to say, but the quality of your facility service hugely affects your property’s image, as well as the reputation of your management company. A functional, beautiful property requires expertise and reliability, but also superior communication and flexibility.

TWS periodically retrains existing team members so they maintain both their professional skills and work ethic to our high standard. Supervisors oversee service technicians and generate regular reports to track the condition of a property. This is all a part of our mission to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and their properties. Keeping your property up-to-date and with strong visual appeal means continual adaptation. TWS Facility Services understands this like no other facility service company.

As the most capable, flexible, reliable facility service team in the United States, TWS offers comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service that can be tailored to your unique property. In effect, you can even have what amounts to your own facility service team, right down to uniforms which represent your property and its brand image.

Coordination & Communication

  • Acting as the link between a property’s owners and tenants
  • Collecting rent
  • Hiring, managing, and motivating staff
  • Hiring and working with vendors

How can your facility service company help?

TWS prioritizes communication because you need to know what has happened, is happening and needs to happen on your property. Our Property Coordinators and cloud-based work order system play a key role in staying aware of a property’s shifting conditions, as well as giving property managers peace of mind. With our work order system, you can schedule, track and verify services, as well as receive notifications to your phone. You can easily review a property’s service history and notes.

Reducing the number of vendors you work with can reduce your workload and cost. One team to handle all of your facility services needs means condensing the number of people to communicate with, which can improve the quality and frequency of communication with other people. Read more about how choosing TWS Facility Services for all your cleaning and maintenance services lead to a better bottom line:  Why Consolidate Your Facility Services?

In short, TWS Facility Services acts as the eyes and ears for your property, and we are constantly adapting to provide the service you need. This is what you need in a facility service company.

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